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Tips on Filling out a Show Book for your next Trade Show

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Sitting down to complete the show book for your next trade show can be a daunting task.  We have provided 10 tips to help you navigate your next Show Book like a pro. Once you have a system down it is just a matter of attention to detail.

1. Become familiar with the “Quick Facts” sheet. This will have all the general information such as:

  • Exact dates and times of show
  • Show site address
  • Ship to address for advanced or direct shipments
  • Show Management information
  • Show move in and move out dates. This may be provided as a color coded floor plan.
  • Color of main carpet
  • Color of drapes provided

2. Make sure to check discount deadlines to save money:  There are hard dates set for each show for specific tasks to be completed, such as purchasing electrical.  If you do this after the due date there will be additional charges applied. It is always a good habit to pad the dates a bit to cover any unforeseen problems that could make you miss the cut off date.

3.Confirm information on electrical, rigging and elevation floor plans are correct for the configuration being used at each particular show.

4. Make sure you have submitted the correct electrical layout to the show. Failure to do so can cause wasted I&D labor hours while the problem gets corrected.

5. Turn in your EAC forms. This is the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form. If you intend to use I&D labor other than the assigned show labor you must inform show management.

6. The Material Handling for is very important. This informs show management who your freight carrier is and where the properties will be shipping out to at the close of show. This will insure that your freight will not be “forced”. Forced freight is when show management has no record of your freight company. When this is the case, show management ships the booth properties with their carrier. This can be much more expensive than the company you typically use. Also make sure that your I&D company has a copy of this document.

7. Don’t forget the small details such as ordering trash cans, plants etc. Don’t do too much to clutter the exhibit space.

8. Print out copies of all forms filled out and have them at the show site with you in case of any problems.

9.  When possible, ship to Advance Warehouse. This will insure that your properties are there and will be on time for your scheduled move in window. When you ship direct to show site you run the risk of the exhibit not making it to the show floor on time. Your freight company could run into a problem and not be able to deliver on time. The loading dock may be backed up and behind schedule etc. In some cases you may be able to deliver to “late advanced”. There may be a fee associated with it, however sometimes it is worth the extra cost to guarantee the properties are there in advanced. The properties that are sent to advanced are also the first moved into the show.

10. Work closely with your exhibit house and keep strong lines of communication open.