Things to Do in Los Angeles


When you are planning your trip to Los Angeles in Southern California, you will find that there are thousands of things to do Los Angeles. It may be hard for you to choose what to do between going to the beach and whale watching off the California coast, checking out an art museum, exploring Orange County or Hollywood, visiting Long Beach or the Canary Islands, or doing fun things in San Diego.

Fun things to do in Los Angeles California are nearly endless. Let’s take a look at some of exciting things to do in Los Angeles, California.

Top Tours

One of the best things to do in Los Angeles is to visit a beach and explore the ocean. Any beach in Los Angeles or Southern California offers spectacular views and attractions of the Pacific and some of the most fun things to do Los Angeles. Long beach is one of the most popular in Los Angeles. Off the California coast are islands like the Canary Islands that you can take a boat ride out to and explore for a day. You can also ride a boat out on the water and do some whale watching. Blue whales are commonly seen off of the Los Angeles coast. These whales are an unforgettable sight. There are so many fun things to do on the beaches and in the ocean in Southern California, Los Angeles and San Diego. When planning your trip to Los Angeles, put the beach on the top of your list of things to do Los Angeles.

Some other fun things to do in Los Angeles include visiting Hollywood. It is great to walk along the sidewalk with the famous celebrity stars and pick out your favorite celebrities. Who knows, you may even see a famous Hollywood celebrity in the flesh if you are lucky! The glitzy Hollywood hotels are also quite a sight. Some of the hotels are very old and you can really get an appreciation for the beautiful vintage styles of the Hollywood hotels. Hollywood is all about glamour, and the hotels reflect that. There are so many fun things to explore in Hollywood. Make sure a stroll through Hollywood is top on your list of things to do Los Angeles.

You are sure to find a great museum as you walk through San Diego, Los Angeles, or Orange County. Exploring art museums is one of the top and most fun things to do LA. There are also many other great museums throughout Southern California and Orange County that will please just about anyone. Any museum can offer a fun tour and lots of fun things to explore. Going to a Los Angeles, San Diego, or Orange County museum will provide a simple, stress-free day of fun on your trip to Los Angeles, California. Any museum offers fun things to do Los Angeles.

Disneyland is what Los Angeles, California is most famous for. No doubt you will have the time of your life if you visit this California amusement park. There is also Universal Studios, which offers more of a thrilling experience than Disneyland. For any animal lover, the San Diego Zoo is a must see. There are so many things to do LA, San Diego, and Orange County; you will be entertained for days. The list of fun things to do LA goes on and on.

Sure, everyone knows that while you are in Los Angeles Disneyland and Universal Studios are right around the corner to keep you busy. However, instead of hitting up the same old amusement park maybe you should consider visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum. At the Hollywood Wax museum you will get to hob knob with some of your favorite stars. You will have the chance to see Julia Roberts accepting her Oscar up close and personal. These wax replica’s are incredibly lifelike, and can provide for a fun evening. Perhaps one of the best things is that you can have a lot of fun at the Hollywood Wax Museum for fewer than twenty dollars a person!

If you are looking for the little and relaxation with the Los Angeles getaway then you might can check out the Agua Spa at the Mondrian hotel. Located on the historic Sunset Boulevard Agua has been recently renovated to make it one of the most luxurious and tranquil places in the city. It is outfitted with a Zen feel to allow you to take some time out to attend to yourself both body and soul. The spa has a myriad of treatments for you to choose from, and is open from 9 am to 9pm. Reservations are recommended to be sure that you are able to receive the perfect treatment for your weary bones.

If you are looking for a bird’s eye view of the Los Angeles area then you might want to check out Celebrity Helicopters. Celebrity Helicopters offers a variety of tours to its customers to really have the chance to see what Los Angeles is all about. One of the more popular packages is the “Sightseers Dream” tour. On this areal tour of California you will spend twenty five minutes up in a small airplane.

Throughout the tour your pilot will narrate the tour pointing out some of the more popular and beautiful landmarks. This is truly a tour that is focused on a more natural view of Los Angeles. Or if you are looking for a stunning nighttime ride then you might want to check into the “Deluxe Night Tour.” With this tour you will have the chance to see some of the beautiful skyline of Los Angeles. Additionally you will get ground transportation and dinner at one of the hottest eateries in the Los Angeles area.


Best Place to Eat

Speaking of a great place to eat, dinner in Los Angeles can be remarkably different and delectable. One really unique dinner spot is The Stinking Rose. The Stinking Rose is actually in the opulent Beverly Hills area, and the restaurant has a true affinity for garlic. Here most of the menu is infused with garlic. In fact, you can even have a garlic martini or an inconceivable bowl of garlic ice cream! It is truly not an experience to miss!

If you are looking for that old Hollywood glamour then why not visit the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel. The Tropicana Bar has been around since 1927, and has specialized in serving stars since then. Being located near to the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre the Tropicana Bar is the perfect destination after a late night stroll. While at the Tropicana you can sit poolside and enjoy a stylish cocktail before heading in for the night.