Things To Do in Las Vegas

Top Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, also know as the Entertainment Capital of the world offers numerous attractions for one and all. It is the twenty-eighth most thickly occupied city in the United States. There are lots of things to do in this dream city. Free attractions in the city include amusing places to visit and lots of entertainment options. The wide array of free activities in Las Vegas makes the city a perfect place to unwind without spending a fortune. Here is a list of things to do in Las Vegas, for free or for a cheap price.

Top Tours

There is an enormous number of tours in Las Vegas – both within the city and beyond. The most popular tour within the city is a helicopter ride over the Strip – there is nothing like flying slowly above and near gorgeous hotels in the world at night time when the whole Strip is illuminated by thousands of twinkling lights.

The most popular tours from Las Vegas are trips to the Grand Canyon. And the choice of transportation is enormous – you can get there by helicopter, by airplane, by jeep, or by bus. Grand Canyon never leaves anyone indifferent, and itself offers a wide array of things to do: mule rides, horseback rides, hiking, off-road and ATV adventures. And, of course, you could descend to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by helicopter and take a rafting trip along Colorado River.

Go Shopping

Shopping in Las Vegas is different than anywhere else! Particularly in the resorts, shopping can be a truly over-the-top experience. Malls – if you can even call them that – are as much entertainment and theme park as they are a center of purchase. As many resort malls are based on the idea of their home resort, visitors are treated to the canals of Venice, the bazaars of the Middle East, the Forum of ancient Rome, and even a promenade of old Hollywood. The stores themselves are almost always upscale (and expensive), with popular chains represented. However, the shopping experience of Vegas makes all the difference.

Swimming pools and related water activities are a natural extension of a resort. Resort “water play centers” can be as small as a single pool or as large as an entire water park. For many visiting Las Vegas, the quality of their resorts swimming pool can make or break their vacation experience. Visitors can spend their entire vacation swimming, sun-tanning, or lounge around their resorts pool area. And this includes sipping a poolside Pina Colada. Las Vegas has some of the world’s best pools.

Shows and Concerts

Las Vegas claims the title of the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Some of the favorite shows have been successfully running for many years, and will likely run for many more years to come. For example, did you already see a Cirque du Soleil show in your city? In Vegas, there are at least 6 Cirque du Soleil shows, and all of them are grander and more impressive than the traveling Cirque. The most beautiful shows are Mystere – that is a classic acrobatics show with gorgeous costumes, and O which has a huge water tank for a stage, and the whole show takes place in the water.

Among other shows worth seeing that are likely to run for a long time are:

  • The Blue Man Group where blue guys play on different pipes, drums and other unusual musical instruments.
  • Carrot Top who carved himself a niche of the funniest stand-up/ props comedian, who built his show around strange “inventions” mocking the popular culture.
  • Jersey Boys is a highly popular musical about the legendary band The Four Seasons.
  • Absinthe is the most amazing circus type of show with acrobatics and other risky acts taking place extremely close to the audience. The show contains elements of adult humor – definitely not for kids!

The only long-running live music concert in Las Vegas is that of Celine Dion – in fact, the diva sings in a theater called Colosseum, built just for her near the Caesar’s Palace – one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. The concert of Celine Dion is a must see for any music fan. You can also find plenty of other concerts – from rock to pop and jazz, every day – as the city is frequented by the most famous musicians in the world. There is never a night in Vegas without 5 or 7 live music performances at the top concert venues in the city.

David Copperfield Magic Show is surely among the enjoyable shows in Las Vegas. You’ll find the tricks and illusions performed by the master magicians unbelievable and almost impossible to implement.

Some of the top Vegas attraction sites include:

The Vegas Eiffel Tower experience indeed falls in the category of the dreamiest things one could do here. It has witnessed lots of marriage proposals since its installation here. The ideal time to go up to its observation platform at its fiftieth floor is at night, to enjoy the spectacle that the Vegas Strip is known for.

Bellagio Fountains undoubtedly make the best of the free attractions that Las Vegas has. You just can’t miss it! These fountains installed in the middle of an artificial lake face the Bellagio hotel. You’ll certainly be mesmerized by this memorable show, dancing jets of water reaching amazing heights with modern and classic musical tunes and colored lights in the background.

Fremont Street in the middle of Las Vegas offers a memorable experience that you have to see to believe. Try cold snacks like hot dogs enclosed in chocolate and other curious assortments that are amazingly inexpensive. Late in the evening, you’ll enjoy some of the extremely reviewed LED illuminations and music projected on huge overhead screens.

Cirque du Soleil forms an integral part of activities to do in Vegas, especially when you have kids along. Even adults will be pleasantly reminded of their childhood. It is a chain of shows varying from funny and mysterious to sensual. You can select the one which you find most appealing. Some of the currently popular shows include KA, Mystere, O, Love and Zumanity.

The Hoover Dam, not far from downtown Vegas, is one of the most trendy day trips one can undertake after you are tired of shopping and gambling. It is an engineering spectacle situated on the river Colorado. You can also visit the power plant to discover its operation.

But if it’s a big city experience you want, there are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas for you. Apparently, you can visit the city’s many casinos and take a few risks for a shot at striking it rich. The city also offers a variety of excellent restaurants, as well as shows ranging from the risqué to the family friendly. And if it’s spectacular views you crave, you can even take a helicopter tour through the night sky of the city. One thing’s for certain in Sin City: you’ll never run out of things to do in Las Vegas.