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Whether you’re planning to exhibit at a trade show in San Francisco for the first time or returning to a trade show after a positive experience, we can help make sure your exhibit is a measurable success for your business.

We specialize in designing and developing custom exhibits for trade shows in the San Francisco area and throughout California. Our experienced team has helped hundreds of businesses with their trade show marketing efforts and produced consistently positive results.

From small businesses to large companies, we work with businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. We can help you with everything from a small trade show booth to a sizable exhibit designed to stand out from your competitors and attract attention.

In the text below, you’ll learn more about how our services work and how we can help you have a successful experience at your next trade show. We’ll also share examples of some of our work for previous clients, as well as our tips and tactics for a successful, profitable trade show exhibit.

Our San Francisco Exhibits

As a local California business, we’ve assisted a wide range of businesses with exhibits for San Francisco trade shows. Our custom exhibits range from small booths designed for new brands and startups to large-scale exhibits for rapidly growing companies.

To view examples of our work for previous clients, check out our custom exhibits gallery, which contains a small selection of custom trade show exhibits we’ve designed and built.

If you’d like to see additional examples of our work or speak to our team about how we can help your business exhibit at a trade show in the San Francisco area, please contact us now for free advice, information and recommendations.

Exhibiting in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the world’s most vibrant environments for businesses, with a wide range of industries. As the home of the technology industry, San Francisco is a major location for tech and digital trade shows, ranging from hardware expos to niche-specific conventions.

If your business operates in the technology industry, exhibiting at a San Francisco trade show is a fantastic way to meet new people, expand your reach and generate new sales and marketing leads for your business.

Because of San Francisco’s popularity as a trade show location, it’s important to develop a trade show exhibit that emphasizes your business’s strengths and helps you stand out from the crowd of other exhibitors.

Our experienced team has helped a wide range of businesses prepare for and take part in San Francisco trade shows, giving us a great knowledge of what kinds of exhibit stand out in a busy trade show environment and attract positive attention.

Did you know that most people will spend less than five seconds of attention on your trade show booth before they decide whether or not to enter? This means your business only has a limited amount of time to communicate its value proposition and marketing message.

We specialize in designing exhibits that get straight to the point, giving prospects a great first impression of your business. Our experienced trade show exhibit design experts work closely with your marketing and sales departments to make sure your objectives are a top priority.

Our team can not only design and develop a successful trade show exhibit for your company — we can also help you register, prepare for and take part in your event.

From trade show exhibit assembly and event registration to exhibit storage, reconfiguration and logistics, we offer a complete range of trade show services to make sure any event you join is a measurable success for your business.

Are you planning to take part in a San Francisco trade show for the first time? We specialize in helping new businesses successfully prepare for trade shows. Contact our team to learn more about our services for first-time trade show exhibitors.

Our Trade Show Services

We provide a complete range of services for exhibitors, from complete exhibit design and event preparation to individual services for businesses that need help with specific parts of preparing for a trade show. Our services include:

Professional graphic design for trade show displays, banners and other marketing materials to help your business communicate its value proposition and message at any event[Text Wrapping Break]
Trade show preparation services, ranging from exhibit installation and assembly to dismantling, event registration and form submission, freight and delivery, and a wide range of additional services[Text Wrapping Break]
Exhibit management and storage services, such as trade show exhibit storage, inventory management, exhibit refurbishment and reconfiguration, exhibit logistics, specialty cases and more[Text Wrapping Break]
Trade show consulting services to help ensure your next trade show or event is a measurable, scalable success for your business

Our Exhibits Are Environmentally Friendly

All of our trade show exhibits are designed with the environment in mind. We use recyclable materials for our trade show displays and exhibits, allowing as much as 80% of your trade show exhibit to be recycled after the event.

Because our custom trade show exhibits use a modular design, they’re easy to reconfigure for different events and occasions, helping you save money and reduce your environmental impact as you take part in different trade shows over the course of the year.

Preparing For Your San Francisco Trade Show

If you’re planning to exhibit at a trade show for the first time, or just need expert assistance with your next trade show, our experienced team can help you with every aspect of trade show and event preparation.

As part of our exhibit design process, our team will work with your marketing and sales teams to ensure you have an effective vision for the event. Based on your needs, we’ll prepare a concept for your trade show exhibit that incorporates your marketing goals and sales objectives.

All of our exhibits are designed with your budget in mind. We offer a wide variety of trade show exhibits, from affordable exhibits designed specifically for small businesses and startups to large trade show exhibits suitable for major brands and growing companies.

In addition to our trade show exhibit design and development services, we can assist with every aspect of preparing for your trade show, from event registration and form submission to logistics and post-event exhibit storage.

If you’re aiming to keep your trade show budget as low as possible, we also offer exhibit rental services. Renting an exhibit is a great way to “test” trade shows as a marketing channel without investing in your own custom exhibit.

Preparing for a trade show can be a significant challenge, especially if your business has never exhibited before. Our experienced team can give you the confidence and trade show knowledge required to ensure your event — whether it’s your first or one of many — is a success.

Our Goals For Any Trade Show

We understand that every business has different objectives from a trade show, which is why our biggest goal is to help you achieve your objectives. We work closely with your marketing team to understand your priorities, needs and expectations from any trade show or industry event.

From ensuring you create a great first impression to helping you close new deals and generate revenue, our key goals are to:

Help your business stand out at any trade show by designing and creating an exhibit that attracts positive attention and draws in people interested in your products, services and brand

Foster interest in your products and services by giving your business a space to take part in product demonstrations, host competitions and attract your target audience[Text Wrapping Break]
Help you generate leads and sales by designing your booth to attract the right type of prospects for your business and create interest for your sales team to turn into leads and revenue[Text Wrapping Break]
Make sure the event is a success for your business by helping you register, submit your event-related forms, successfully transport and assemble your exhibit and ensure you’re completely ready for the trade show as early as possible

Our Team Can Prepare Exhibit Ideas

Do you need help coming up with a theme for your exhibit? We offer a complete range of trade show exhibit design and preparation services, and our team is happy to prepare suitable ideas for your exhibit.

We work closely with our clients, letting your sales and marketing teams contribute their values and goals. Our team can quickly and efficiently prepare a concept for your trade show exhibit, letting you “see” your exhibit before it’s turned into a reality.

Nimlok Portable Displays in San Francisco

We are an official distributor for Nimlok® portable displays in California, letting us offer a wide range of high quality portable trade show displays. Nimlok® displays are an ideal option if you plan to exhibit at multiple trade shows and need a lightweight, highly portable exhibit.

To learn more about our Nimlok® portable displays, please contact our team. We can provide a range of displays tailored specifically to your marketing goals and requirements in a trade show exhibit.

Contact Us To Get Started

Whether you’re exhibiting at a San Francisco trade show for the first time or planning a return to an event that’s been a successful marketing channel for your business in the past, we can offer the industry knowledge and hands-on experience you need to make the most of your event.

We work with businesses and organizations of all sizes in any industry. Contact us now to speak to our team about our trade show exhibit design, development, rental and planning services and learn more about how we can help your business succeed at your next trade show.

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