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Our custom trade show booth design services allow you to make a great first impression at your next trade show. Perfect for startups, small businesses and large brands alike, we offer a range of trade show booths in varying sizes, layouts and configurations.

Whether your goal is to generate leads or strengthen your brand, our custom trade show booths give you an unparalleled level of control over how your exhibit looks. You’re fully in control of the design, layout and message of your booth, helping you achieve your exact marketing objectives.

Our services include custom trade show booth design and development, as well as trade show preparation services ranging from event registration and form submission to exhibit storage and reconfiguration.

We work with San Francisco area businesses of all sizes, from small startups to big brands and established companies. Our team can work closely with yours to design a booth that meets your exact requirements.

Below, we’ll explain how our custom trade show booth design process works, as well as the key benefits for you as a client. We’ll also share our top tips, tactics and recommendations for small businesses and startups planning to take part in trade shows in the San Francisco area.

Our Custom Booth Design Services

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses design and create custom trade show booths for events in the San Francisco area, elsewhere in California and across the country.

From startups to large, well-known brands, our team has worked closely with a wide variety of businesses and organizations, giving us a deep understanding of the diverse needs of different clients in a range of industries.

No matter what industry your business or organization operates in, our goal is always the same: to help you achieve your objectives at any trade show, convention or industry event.

To view photos of our previous custom trade show booths, check our custom exhibits gallery. To learn more about our services and discuss how we can help your business or organization at its next trade show, contact our team today.

We offer a wide range of booth design, construction and trade show preparation services for businesses in San Francisco, including:

  • Custom graphic design for your trade show booth’s signage, posters, brochures and other marketing materials required for a successful trade show
  • Booth design for a variety of booth layouts and configurations to help your business maximize its visibility, attention and results at any event
  • Booth development and construction using industry leading materials that are made to last, helping you use your booth at a variety of events
  • Exhibit management and storage services, such as long-term exhibit storage, event registration and form submission, trade show preparation and on-the-day services to ensure your trade show is a success

Our team has worked with hundreds of businesses in San Francisco and throughout California, giving us a great understanding of both what’s required in a successful trade show exhibit and the preparation required for a smooth, stress-free event.

Whether your objective is to generate leads or raise awareness, our goal is always to develop a trade show booth that puts your business or organization’s needs first.

Our Custom Trade Show Booths Are Environmentally Friendly

We take environmental protection and care seriously. That’s why all of our trade show booths are manufactured using recyclable materials, allowing us to recycle as much as 80% of each trade show booth we design and build.

Your trade show booth will always be constructed with the environment in mind. From reusable modular components to recyclable printed materials, we take extra steps to ensure your booth has the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Benefits of a Custom Trade Show Booth

From technology to consumer goods, San Francisco is one of the world’s top locations for trade shows and industry events. Every week, a variety of trade shows, conventions and conferences take place in the San Francisco area, creating opportunities for your business to shine.

Because San Francisco’s trade show ecosystem is so popular, standing out can be a significant challenge. In busy industries like technology, it’s extremely likely that you’ll be exhibiting with a variety of competitors and similar brands.

Investing in a custom trade show booth for your company has several major advantages, from standing out to helping you better position your products, services and brand:

  • Stand out and attract attention with a booth that’s designed from the ground up with your marketing objectives in mind, instead of a generic booth that’s slightly customized for the event
  • Position your products and services in front of thousands of attendees with a fully customized booth that gives you the power to showcase what you want, how you want, all in an environment that’s completely at your control
  • Make attendees interested in your products and services with a booth that makes product demonstrations, presentations, contests, giveaways and other fun trade show activities possible
  • Draw in motivated prospects by prioritizing your unique selling points and key value proposition, making it easier for your sales team to turn attendees into leads, customers and clients
  • Enjoy a smooth, successful event with our event registration and form submission, on-the-day preparation and trade show booth storage and configuration services

Our Team Can Help You With Booth and Exhibit Ideas

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your trade show booth, our experienced team can contribute ideas and help you move towards an effective concept.

We’ve designed custom trade show booths for hundreds of businesses, allowing our team to tap into years of hands-on experience to brainstorm ideas and help create an effective concept that helps you achieve your objectives.

If you have a specific product or service you’d like to design your booth around, our expert team can make sure it’s the top priority when creating a concept for your trade show booth.

Taking Part in a Trade Show in San Francisco

San Francisco’s trade show environment is unique not only because of the number of events that occur here, but because of the immense competition between exhibitors for attention both at the event and in traditional and new media coverage.

We’ve helped a wide range of businesses excel in the San Francisco trade show environment, from technology startups to traditional businesses. As a result, we have a great understanding not just of trade shows as a whole, but of the specific conditions at San Francisco events.

Did you know that trade show attendees will spend less than five seconds to form an impression of your trade show booth? If you don’t make an impact immediately, there’s a real risk that your trade show exhibit will be passed by and ignored by potentially valuable prospects.

We know what it takes to attract attention, and we can help you come up with a booth that gains the attention and interest of attendees. Our booth design services will help you stand out at any event and turn your booth into a magnet for motivated, interested attendees.

Not only do we focus on designing and creating a custom booth that attracts attention — we can also tailor your booth to attract attendees that match your target customer profiles, helping you convert attention into real prospects, leads and sales.

Our goal isn’t just to help you prepare for and take part in a San Francisco trade show — it’s to help your business excel and achieve all of its marketing and sales objectives.

Our Custom Trade Show Booths Are Built To Last

We design all of our trade show booths using a modular design, making them easy to assemble, disassemble and store. This allows you to pack and store your booth between events and reuse it the following year.

Thanks to our trade show exhibit storage and logistics services, you can access and reuse your booth whenever you need it.

Our modular design system also makes it quick and simple to update and upgrade your booth with new displays, graphics and content. Rather than displaying one message for every event, you can tailor your message to achieve a laser focus on your target demographic.

Because all of trade show booths are made using high quality, durable materials, they’re built to easily tolerate the wear and tear of multiple trade shows.

Nimlok Portable Displays in San Francisco

We’re an official California distributor for Nimlok® portable displays, allowing us to provide high quality, extremely portable displays for your business. If you’re looking for a booth that’s easy to pack, store and reconfigure, Nimlok® products are a great solution.

Our experienced team can provide more information on our Nimlok® portable display products and their suitability for your business. To learn more about our Nimlok® portable displays and other trade show solutions, please contact our team.

Contact Us To Get Started

A great booth is an essential part of any trade show presence. Our experienced team is here to create your custom trade show booth, from concepts and signage design to complete booth for your event.

Put our years of trade show knowledge and experience to work for your business with a highly effective, eye-catching booth that helps you achieve your marketing goals and generate a great return on investment from your next trade show.

Our experienced team works with businesses and organizations of all sizes in any industry or market. Contact us now to speak to our team about our custom trade show booth and exhibit design services.

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