Exhibit Tips

Sales Tips for Your Next Trade Show

Often, it’s the little things that will make you stand out from your competitors on a crowded trade show floor. This video covers an often overlooked but extremely important trade show factor: personal hygiene.

Watch this video to learn some of the reasons why hygiene at trade shows is so crucial. Take the time to make sure that your hair is freshly cut and your clothes are clean and pressed. Keep some breath mints or gum handy so your breath smells fresh. First impressions count, and when your company is going head-to-head with competitors, these small factors could tip the scales in your favor.

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Reasons Your Business Can Profit from Attending Trade Shows

Some business owners view trade shows as a necessary expense or a tiresome chore that interrupts their regular workflow. If you invest in a professionally designed exhibit and bring along your friendliest and most knowledgeable employees, a trade show can be extremely helpful for your company’s growth. Below you will learn more about how a trade show can help you increase your profits.

Staying on the Cutting Edge
Trade shows always showcase the most innovative products and services in your industry. Potential private consumers and commercial clients may be in attendance, and by showing up you can demonstrate your commitment to growth and new developments. State-of-the-art technologies and the latest usage trends often debut at trade shows.

Keeping Up with the Competition
If you want to stay updated on what your competitors are doing, you will need to attend as many trade shows as you can each year. Because a trade show is a place to display the newest products and strategies, your competition will bring their best new offerings as well. When you stay on top of the trends by attending trade shows, you can avoid falling behind your rivals.

Learning About New Technologies
Trade shows often feature informational presentations, educational seminars, and keynote speeches designed to keep you informed about the latest trends in your industry. By attending all the extra events that surround the trade show, you may learn about new technologies and tools that are available to help you improve your business and increase your customer base.

Networking with Fellow Professionals
If you are looking for a new supplier of specialty parts or a new provider for a key service that your company uses, you should know that a trade show offers you the perfect opportunity to build and nurture these professional relationships, both inside and outside the exhibition hall.

Trade show success starts with a well-designed exhibition booth that attracts attendees. To speak with an experienced and reputable Senior Account Executive who specializes in exhibit solutions, call Solutions Rendered of Orange County at (949) 837-6800.