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Are you preparing to exhibit at your first trade show? Whether you’re exhibiting for the first time or returning to a trade show that’s produced a good return on investment in the past, the key to a successful trade presence is an eye-catching, effective exhibit.

Our Los Angeles trade show exhibit rental services let your business develop a highly effective trade show exhibit that attracts attention and interest from attendees, all without the huge costs of designing and creating a custom exhibit from scratch.

We work with a large range of businesses and organizations, both big and small, and can offer an extensive range of high quality trade show booths. Many of our exhibits can be customized to suit your requirements and marketing objectives.

We also offer a range of additional services for businesses exhibiting at trade shows, from booth and signage design to consultation and exhibit management services.

Below, we’ll explain how our exhibit rental services work. We’ll also share our tips and advice on how to get the most from your first trade show, as well as the specific benefits of renting a trade show booth instead of designing and developing your own.

Our Los Angeles Exhibits

Our business is located right here in Orange County, and we’ve provided services to hundreds of businesses and organizations in the Los Angeles area. Our custom exhibits gallery contains photos of a small selection of the exhibits we’ve designed and developed over the years.

If you think your business could benefit from exhibiting at a trade show in the Los Angeles area, our experienced team can help you. Contact us now to learn more about our exhibit rental and trade show preparation services, and to discover how we can help your business.

Exhibit Rental vs. Designing and Building an Exhibit

Like any marketing channel, trade shows are all about return on investment and results. While a custom trade show booth might have the best aesthetic appeal, it isn’t always the best option for your business from an ROI perspective.

There are several advantages to renting a trade show booth instead of designing and building a booth specifically for your business. The first is cost — building a booth is, not surprisingly, much more expensive than renting a booth and customizing it using your own displays.

By renting a trade show exhibit, you can significantly reduce the cost of exhibiting at any trade show. This is a major benefit if your goal is to maximize return on investment by keeping your event-related expenses as low as possible.

Because renting is cheaper, it’s also a great way to reduce the risk involved in exhibiting at a trade show for the first time. Instead of investing a large amount of money in a custom booth, you can “try” trade show marketing without spending any more than you need to.

If your business is new and growing rapidly, this can be the cash flow-light solution you need to make the most of trade show marketing without spending cash too quickly.

Renting a trade show exhibit also reduces the turnaround time required to get your exhibit to “event ready” status. Instead of waiting for your booth, you can have a ready-to-display trade show exhibit ready days or weeks before your event.

We specialize in customizing exhibits and building upon existing displays to create effective, eye-catching exhibits at a speed that suits your business. Since you’re renting an exhibit, it’s much easier to experiment with different booth sizes, configurations and concepts.

If you discover the attendees respond well to a certain type of exhibit, you can build on it and improve your results. There’s no need to stick with one booth — instead, you can experiment and find the booth design and configuration that gives you the best return on investment.

Finally, renting a trade show exhibit gives you flexibility that developing your own exhibit just can’t match. Instead of using the same exhibit for every show, you can select an exhibit that matches your exact needs in size, design and configuration for each event.

You can even rent several exhibits at a time, giving your business the ability to exhibit at more than one event at once. This is a great way to expand your presence and generate leads and sales from more than one trade show at a time.

Exhibiting in Los Angeles

As one of the world’s trade show and convention hubs, Los Angeles can be a very competitive market for trade show exhibitors. Not only do you need to attract the attention of your audience — you need to do so more effectively than your competitors.

We’ve assisted hundreds of businesses in the Los Angeles area with trade show exhibit design and development. As such, we understand the industry well and have a thorough understanding of what’s required to stand out in the Los Angeles trade show environment.

With your marketing and sales goals in mind, we can help you rent and customize a high quality booth that helps your business or organization stand out from the crowd and attract the type of prospects, clients and customers you’ve always wanted.

On average, it takes five seconds for a trade show attendee to develop a first impression of your trade show exhibit. We’re here to make sure that your display strikes the perfect chord with your target audience, helping to bring prospects and interested attendees into your booth.

From exhibit and signage size to colors, designs and booth layout, we understand what makes a highly successful, profitable trade show display.

We can work closely with your marketing and sales department to understand your needs, from both a branding and direct response perspective. Our goal is simple: to help you achieve your marketing objectives at any trade show, convention or event.

From small companies to large, lead generation businesses to established brands, we work with a wide range of businesses in the Los Angeles area. Let us tap into our skills and experience to help your business generate record results at its next trade show.

Our Trade Show Services

In addition to trade show exhibit rental, we offer a variety of trade show services to help your business maximize its results at any event. Our services range from pre-event consulting and preparation to on-the-day assistance, and include:

  • • Graphic design for trade show signage, exhibits, posters and other marketing items your business needs to strengthen its brand and generate leads
  • • Booth design and customization to help your business stand out and attract high quality prospects during any event
  • • Consultation on trade show booth ideas to help you achieve your goals and create the most effective booth possible
  • • Booth assembly and installation to save your team time, stress and energy before your event begins
  • • Exhibit management services that include exhibit storage to shipment preparation and receipt, booth configuration and more

We Can Provide Exhibit Ideas and Complete Designs 

Do you need help designing your trade show exhibit? Our experienced team can prepare ideas and concepts for your trade show exhibit and signage, giving you a complete understanding of how your business can stand out and excel in a trade show environment.

In addition to ideas and concepts, we can provide a complete design for your exhibit, letting you customize our rental exhibits to your specifications to help your business get the best results at any trade show, convention or event.

We work closely with all of our clients and customers, making it easy for you to incorporate your brand identity, values and marketing objectives into the design of your exhibit.

Nimlok Portable Displays in Los Angeles

We are the exclusive Orange County distributor for Nimlok® portable displays, which are built for simple portability and reuse. If you plan to exhibit your business at multiple trade shows on an ongoing basis, Nimlok® portable displays are an excellent addition to your exhibit.

Designed with optimal portability in mind, Nimlok® displays are easy to transport from events, making them perfect if your business has a demanding trade show schedule and wants to use its display stands over a long period of time.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Nimlok® portable displays, please contact our team.

Contact Us To Get Started 

If you’re planning to exhibit at a trade show for the first time, our exhibit rental service is a great way to test the trade show environment for your business without investing in your own custom trade show booth.

If you’re returning to a trade show for the second, third or fourth time after exhibiting in the past, our exhibit rental service is an excellent way to make sure you have the displays and equipment you need to make the event a perfect opportunity for your business.

Our team works with businesses and organizations of all sizes in any industry. Contact us now to learn more about our exhibit rental and design services, and to discover how we can make your next trade show a success.

We also offer:

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