Top 10 Attractions in Los Angeles

Attractions in Los Angeles

There are lots of lively and busy urban centers in the United States and one of them happens to be Los Angeles. This metropolis is known for its amazing southern California setting and is an immensely popular tourist spot at present. With its plethora of attractions, nearly perfect climate and natural scenery the metropolis attracts numerous vacationers throughout the year.

Truly Amazing Places in Los Angeles You Shouldn’t Miss

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will take a look at the top 10 Los Angeles points of interest.


Malibu Beach

While visiting this urban center never forget to visit the famous Malibu beach where you can experience a fantastic beach life. Although many of the holiday makers will opt for the famous Venice Beach or even the Muscle Beach which is reputed for being the old gym of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is definitely this particular Malibu beach which is the most well-known amongst all. It will offer a comprehensive Californian experience along with the awesome Pacific Coast Highway and the rolling hills heading down to meet the ocean. You won’t find any problem to spend a whole day here and enjoy some scrumptious gastronomy in the nearby eateries such as the Taverna Tony and the Reel Inn which serve fantastic seafood as well as traditional dishes.


The Huntington Botanical Gardens

It is amongst the world’s largest and oldest collections of plants, cacti, and succulents from extreme climates. This garden covers an area of 120 acres and accommodates more than 12 themed gardens which include a Japanese garden along with Kyoto teahouse and a Camelia garden featuring more than 50 species plus 1,400 cultivars.


Runyon Canyon Park

This particular destination will be a smart choice in case you’d like something a bit more lively and away from the coastline. This park is reputed for its amazing scenery as well as wonderful hiking and is also a fantastic way to mingle with Mother Nature. It will provide you with a way to understand how the landscape would have appeared in case there would have been no skyscrapers and other establishments in the city and also it will allow you to have a peaceful time far away from the hectic life of Los Angeles. In fact, you will come across as many as 5 entrances to this recreational area along with quite a few amazing hiking trails and they all vary in length as well as difficulty which means that you’ll be guaranteed of having a great time here.



Your trip to Los Angeles will be of no value without a visit to the Disneyland which happens to be a place where fairy tales will come to life. It is rightly regarded as the happiest place on this planet and has a collection of as many as 60 fascinating rides, each of which will be able to attract individuals of every age group. The visitors will be taken on a journey beyond their imagination in Disneyland where they can get a chance to communicate with their beloved cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. While the sun sets on the horizon, it would be fascinating to be present at this park mainly because of the amazing magic shows as well as firework performances which take place here.


Venice Beach

There is no element of doubt regarding the fact that Venice beach is the most reputed coastline in the city and thousands of individuals book their air tickets from around the world only to see this destination. It is obvious that the beach is full of tourists as well as locals all through the year. The main attractions of this area are the adventure water sports facilities, the hospitable locals, the seaside markets as well as eateries which offer mouthwatering seafood to the tourists. The water sports enthusiasts are able to hone their skills and expertise on the amazing coastline which stretches as much as 3 km. Individuals clad in vibrant outfit laughing, singing and dancing is a common sight here.


Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

In all probabilities, this particular theater is the most well-known theater in the world. In fact, every year numerous visitors gather in this majestic theater to witness the hand and footprints of the renowned celebrities and stars. There is a mad rush among the holidaymakers for sticking their feet and hands in those carvings and capturing the unforgettable moment in their cameras. You can get a feel of the Chinese culture as well as its rich history in this theater which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This particular theater, being the most reputed theater in the entire Hollywood, provides many types of amusements to the visitors.


The Griffith Observatory

Besides the above-mentioned destinations, there is the Griffith Observatory which is situated in Hollywood and was constructed in the 30s. Make it a point to visit this observatory in order to get a fantastic view of the city and also remember to visit the Museum of astronomical and planetary science which should keep your children busy at least for several hours apart from providing them with great entertainment and fun. As a matter of fact, individuals of every age group should visit this observatory while they are in Los Angeles.


Queen Mary

This majestic vessel sailed in the north Atlantic during 1936 to 1967 and although the majority of the machinery of this ship has been removed at present it is still a well-known tourist attraction with eateries and museums on board.


Hollywood Wax Museum

It is possible for you to have a glimpse at the lifelike statues of your favorite music icons and film stars at this museum. This will always remind you of their accomplishments in the past.


Hollywood Walk of Fame

You will come across your favorite musicians, film stars, directors, and producers as well as fictional characters all along these well-known sidewalks. As a matter of fact, more than 3,000 brass stars line these sidewalks for more than 1.7 miles.

In case you are searching for a holiday destination which is full of activity, where a large number of traditions and ethnic groups blend together, then Los Angeles is one such spot that cannot be overlooked. Here you can do everything including dining in amazing restaurants, doing some memorable shopping or even visiting a lively nightclub. In fact, Los Angeles has everything in store for you to enjoy and unwind!