Los Angeles Restaurants

Los Angeles Restaurants

When it comes to cuisine, Los Angeles is well known as the culinary melting pot. With the top chefs like Josiah Citrin, Wolfgang Puck and Andrea Froncillo, dining to this splendid city can definitely astonish you.

Finding perfect Los Angeles restaurants isn’t difficult at any time because of promotion. There are many sites through the Internet which can direct you to these types of wonderful launches and searching become very easy because the restaurants in Los Angeles are being categorized as per the location, by name, or the kind of dishes, and by how it is rated with the serve.

Best Places to Eat in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is indeed one of the hottest dining spots in Southern California.In fact, for good food is one of the few things to remember in LA. From breakfast to dinner, there are lots of restaurant offering sumptuous menu that surely fits the bill. Here are some of the top Los Angeles restaurants from our list.


Spago Restaurant

Among Los Angeles’ best restaurants is the Wolfgang Puck’s Spago. Being located at the Beverly Hills, this type of the restaurant is where you’ll meet many beautiful people who include popular personalities and celebrities. Spago Beverly Hills is most prestigious among Mr. Puck’s Wolfgang Puck very Fine Dining Group. The diners are being served with the Corporate Chef Lee Hefter’s inventive regular menus which present California’s best produce. The restaurant’s elegant and the warm environment is being designed by somebody by the name Barbara Lazaroff, who is the critically applauded restaurateur and the interior designer. Kitchen can be observed through the giant wall of the colorful etched glass which is the center stage to the art of dining.


Melisse Restaurant

Choosing Los Angeles restaurants can be sometimes very dazing as when a city has so many things to offer. But you can try to visit Melisse Restaurant that is being located in the city of Santa Monica. This restaurant offers the combination of the traditional French and the contemporary American cuisines using the finest periodic ingredients and the specialty items. Being owned by the Chef Josiah Citrin together with his own wife Diane, this restaurant was being opened in the year 1999 and it has earned the desirable Mobile 4-star which rate just after eighteen months in the operation. The interiors exude the warm European which made them to feel that it is the perfect for the upscale very fine dining to experience. Also this restaurant is being named for the lemon-scented herb which is from the Mediterranean.


Red Restaurant and the Bar

The Red Restaurant and the Bar is the upscale dining scene situated at the hilltop which overlooks San Gabriel Mountains. This restaurant offers the finest quality ingredients of their sumptuous creations where you’ll find the very fine steaks, stunning cocktails and freshest seafoods, all being served in the invigorating environment. You can then choose to have dine either in the plush interiors or even outside in an area where you can truly enjoy the lake’s fanciful views. This restaurant and Bar deals with very many delicious cuisine makings and you can get the few samples of the superb menus.


The Stinking Rose Restaurant

This restaurant is not that really the stinking rose. It is actually the only one among the many Los Angeles restaurants which happens to be named using that name. This exclusive restaurant features the garlic as a main ingredient like almost all the dishes. Garlic, is universally called as “the stinking rose,” thus, Stinking Rose; A Garlic Restaurant. The restaurant’s chef by the name Executive Chef Andrea Froncillo entails that the freshest seafoods which is like the Dungeness crabs are being served to guests using its very tasty crab nice sauce.

The Stinking Rose is being located all over in the North Beach, San Francisco’s renowned Little Italy. You will be very delighted with the restaurant’s dining area which is being decorated with the colorful garlic characters and the curious memorabilia.


Spark Woodfire Grill, Studio Cit

Opened in 1999, this specializes in mesquite-grilled meat and seafood. The lower level boasts a busy dining room with great views of the kitchen; the ambience is quieter on the second level and is surrounded by sleek wine racks. Some of the signature dishes include Roman-style pizza, grilled Atlantic salmon and of course steaks, grilled to your satisfaction. Make sure to save room for their famous dessert – apple walnut cobbler.


The Palm Steakhouse, West Hollywood

An unpretentious atmosphere makes this a favourite of both locals and celebrities alike. Opened in 1975, it has cultivated a devoted following. Dine on quality meat, seafood and Italian classics such as Veal Scallopine and Linguini with clam sauce. It is famous for its generous portions and lively atmosphere. Whether you are getting together with friends or celebrating a special occasion, The Palm will be sure to satisfy your tastes. In this restaurant you can get Catch. This fresh catch offering contains some of the best Los Angeles seafood you will find. The chefs are trained to deliver their offerings in a very simple manner that does not take away from the actual flavor of the cuts. This means you are getting the true flavor of the sea when you are ordering from this location. You can choose from a series of fresh cuts that were freshly caught as well.


Café La Boheme, West Hollywood

You are sure to be dazzled by the overhanging crystal chandeliers; two large open fireplaces give an opulent glow to the ruby-red décor. This restaurant features a wide array of culinary tastes – everything from Red Caviar Spagetti to the Bershire Pork Chop. Whether you want some comfort food, or an exquisite dish, you are sure to find it on the menu. In this restaurant you can get South Bay. This is considered one of the best choices for those looking to have a high quality meal along with amazing views. While you are visiting here, you can choose from your traditional favorites or you can choose to brave it and take a chance on one of the fine creations that this location has to offer. There really are no limitations what you can have in this delicious establishment.


Yamashiro Restaurant, Hollywood

Set on the eastern edge of Hollywood Hills, this is set in a landmark building dating back to 1914. The beautiful views over Los Angeles will tempt you to overlook the exquisite Asian cuisine. You’ll find the best of Asian cuisine on the menu: sushi, sashimi, fish and much more.


Crustacean Restaurant, Westside

This Euro-Vietnamese cuisine offers a great atmosphere as well as great food. As you walk through the cocktail lounge, you will ‘walk on water’ as you walk over a floor-level aquarium. Some signature dishes include Shaken Beef in Chardonnay and Rice Ravioli in a soy-sesame sauce.