The Best Museums and Exhibits of Los Angeles

Museums and Exhibits of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a very popular city where you have lots of things to do. In case you are a film buff, then you must not miss to visit vintage Hollywood. There are certain classic attractions in this particular area like the TCL Chinese Theater and also the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You must also visit the only film and television studio left in Hollywood. This studio is named as the Paramount Pictures Studio. Also you should try out the window shopping along Rodeo Drive or book a ride in cruise Sunset Boulevard. Also you should end up exploring a series of shorelines in Los Angeles namely Zuma Beach, Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach.

Also, the city of Los Angeles is a renowned world-class destination for those folks who are museums patrons. There are some of the world class museums in Los Angeles like the Norton Simon collection, the Huntington Library, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and several more.

No matter whether you are a tourist or a resident in Los Angeles, you should make it a point to visit these world class museums. The world’s culture, history and science can be witnessed in these museums of Los Angeles. Some of the notable museums that are must visit in Los Angeles are as follows:

Griffith Observatory 

The Iconic Art Deco Building is more than 80 years old and is a very popular destination among the tourists as well as the locales. The view of the sunset is excellent from this point and maximum tourists visit this destination to view sunset. A 12 inch Zeiss refracting telescope is accessible to the visitors. The ground floor of the building is known as the Hall of the Eye and Hall of the Sky. This is a very well-designed ideas which defines the special relationship of the humans and stars. Apart from this, there are other attractions of this destination like the high technology aided Samuel Oschin Planetarium and the mural on the central rotunda. Also do not miss out on the seismograph machine and the Tesla coil which are placed downstairs in this building.


Getty Center 

Los Angeles’s hilltop acropolis is known as Getty Center and is a must-visit destination when you are in the city. This place is considered as the home of the valuable contents of the renowned J. Paul Getty Trust. This project was launched way back in the year 1997 and is considered as a wonderful mix of white metal clad pavilions and travertine that very well resembles a monastic retreat. This museum is a must visit as it has wonderful gardens surrounding it, the presence of a luminous and fountain-filled courtyard. There are six major pavilions which is a house of temporary exhibitions and permanent collections. The museum’s original collection is found in Getty Villa which is a breath-taking collection of Roman and Greek antiques.


California Science Center 

This is perhaps the best Science museum of Los Angeles which is a must visit for everyone who is in the city. The museum’s recent acquisition is termed as “Endeavour”. Endeavour is the final space ship which is being built for NASA’s ambitious space shuttle program which is a great inspiration for the humans’ reach-to-stars ambition. There are also certain permanent galleries in the museum like the Creative World, World of Life etc. which is unique as compared to other science museums of the city. There is also the SKETCH foundation Gallery which very extensively explores the life sciences and also the human innovation.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) 

LACMA is a huge museum to visit in Los Angeles and needs more than a day to visit all the sections as the collections of this museum is huge. The museum has the glorious Chris Burden’s iconic entrance installation named as Urban Light which is prepared out of 202 cast-iron street lamps that have been gathered from around Los Angeles. Other attractions of the museum are the Pavilion of Japanese Art. A day spend in LACMA is equivalent to going through a span of hundreds of years and travelling several thousands of miles. The Broad Contemporary Art Museum, a part of LACMA, is a mind boggling collection of modern works.


Natural History Museum 

The Natural History Museum’s primary structure was opened way back in the year 1913. This museum’s Otis Booth Pavilion very warmly welcomes the visitors with a fabulous six-story entrance which is made out of glass which actually features a giant whale skeleton measuring 63 feet. There are also twelve new and dynamic galleries and five new exhibits which have been opened since its renovation drive in 2013. The major highlights of the museum are the Gem and Mineral Hall, the great show of mammal and dinosaur fossils, the urban wilderness spread across 3.5 acres of area and the Nature Gardens.