Los Angeles Exhibits


Is your business planning to exhibit at a trade show in the Los Angeles area? We design and develop high quality custom exhibits for businesses planning to exhibit and participate in Los Angeles trade shows.

From small custom booths to large-scale exhibits with product demos and presentations, our exhibits are the ideal way to ensure your business or organization stands out from the crowd during your next trade show.

Below, we’ll explain how our exhibit design and rental services work. We’ll also share some of our advice and recommendations to help your business generate a profitable return from your next Los Angeles trade show.

Our Los Angeles Exhibits

From our location in Irvine, we’ve helped a wide variety of local and non-local businesses create impactful, effective exhibits for Los Angeles trade shows. Our custom exhibits gallery contains a variety of exhibits our team has designed and created for clients.

If you’re planning to exhibit at a trade show in the Greater Los Angeles area, we’re here to help you succeed. Contact our team to learn more about our exhibit design services and how we can be of help to your business.

Exhibiting in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the world’s trade show and convention capitals, hosting a large variety of events in an equally large range of industries. Because so many businesses participate in local trade shows, it’s important that your exhibit is eye-catching and effective.

One key part of exhibiting in Los Angeles is designing a trade show exhibit that stands out from the crowd. On average, you have about five seconds to catch the attention of attendees. Is your booth up to the challenge?

We understand the Los Angeles trade show environment, and have great awareness of the key factors that trade show attendees in Los Angeles respond to. We’ve taken part in a huge range of events over the years and instinctively understand what works and what doesn’t.

Our team can become an extension of your marketing department to create a trade show exhibit that matches your brand identity and reaches out to the audience you’re seeking.

Not only can we design and develop a trade show exhibit that catches attention — we can also turn this attention into real commercial interest that helps your business generate warm leads  and real prospects from every trade show.

From the beginning of the process until the event, our goal is to help you communicate the right message with your trade show exhibit.

If you want to generate warm leads for your sales team, we can work with your marketing team to create an exhibit that brings in motivated prospects and converts their attention into interest for your sales team to cultivate.

If you want to raise awareness of a new product or technology you’ve developed, we can design and develop a trade show exhibit that’s built from the ground up to make product demonstration a priority.

Our Trade Show Services

We offer a wide range of trade show services, from inclusive packages designed to complete all steps of the trade show preparation process to exhibit design, event preparation and trade show exhibit management services. Some of the key services we offer include:

  • • Graphic design for trade show exhibits, signage and marketing materials
  • • Trade show services, such as installation and dismantling, form submission, freight and item delivery and more
  • • Exhibit management services, such as exhibit storage, inventory and refurbishment, preparing and receiving shipments, reconfiguration and specialty cases

All of out trade show services are delivered with an environmental focus. We manufacture our trade show displays using 80% recyclable material, minimizing your business or organization’s impact on the environment.

We also use modular, reconfigurable exhibits and solutions that are designed to be used again and again at different events, saving your business money and reducing the environmental cost of discarding materials after each event.

Preparing For Your Trade Show

We can provide assistance for your business through the entire process of preparing for your trade show.

Our process starts by ensuring your business has a vision in place for the event. We can work with your team to create an effective, eye-catching and relevant exhibit design to communicate your business’s vision and values.

We can also provide advice on preparing demonstrations and other media to drive traffic to your trade show exhibit.

Our team understands the regulations and requirements of trade shows in Los Angeles, letting us create a booth that complies with height restrictions, use of trade show equipment and other common restrictions placed on exhibitors.

From initial concepts to final designs, our team can create an effective, eye-catching exhibit to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. We also provide booth rental services, which allow your business to exhibit at a trade show at a lower overall cost.

Finally, we can provide trade show preparation, registration and on-the-day services, making it easier for your business to participate in a trade show. We also offer exhibit warehousing and storage services, allowing you to reuse your exhibit at other events in the future.

Our Goals For Any Trade Show

Our goal is simple: to help your business achieve its objectives. For every trade show exhibit, we make the success of your business our top priority. Our goals are to:

  • • Help you stand out by developing a trade show exhibit that catches attention and acts as a magnet for attendees interested in working with your business.
  • • Develop interest by giving your business a powerful platform to demonstrate how your products and services work, and how they can help your target audience.
  • • Help you close deals by designing your booth with results-focused lead generation and prospecting in mind.
  • • Ensure you have a stress-free event by working around the clock to help you register for the event, book space on the event floor, assemble your exhibit, and make sure your experience at every trade show is a success.

Do You Need Help With Exhibit Ideas?

If you’ve never exhibited at a trade show before, coming up with effective ideas for your exhibit can be a daunting process. Our experienced team can provide exhibit ideas and concepts that help your business stand out and achieve your objectives.

Whether you need help turning your ideas into a real exhibit concept or need help coming up with ideas in the first place, we can help you develop an effective concept for your trade show exhibit that gives your business a measurable sales and marketing advantage.

Nimlok Portable Displays in Los Angeles

In addition to our custom trade show exhibits and rental booths, we can provide a full range of Nimlok® portable displays. These displays are an ideal option if you’d like to exhibit at a range of events throughout the country using displays that are designed for ease of transportation.

We are the exclusive distributor for Nimlok® portable displays in Orange County, offering a full range of high quality displays for your business or organization.

To learn more about our Nimlok® portable displays, please contact our team. We can provide a range of displays tailored specifically to your marketing goals and requirements in a trade show exhibit.

Put Our Expert Team to Work For Your Business

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to prepare highly effective exhibits for trade shows and conventions in the Los Angeles area. Our team’s extensive experience gives us unmatched knowledge of how to stand out and succeed at Los Angeles trade shows.

When you work with us, our entire team of creative design experts, marketers and trade show professionals will make your sales and marketing objectives their number one priority. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals from every trade show and industry event.

Quick, Easy And Stress Free

Our team follows a structured, adaptable process to make the preparing for and exhibiting at your next trade show quick, easy and stress-free.

After working with hundreds of businesses to prepare for and take part in trade shows in the Greater Los Angeles area, we understand the importance of a smooth, productive trade show preparation process.

From developing the first concepts of your exhibit to designing and printing signage and turning the booth into a reality, we work around the clock to make the process of taking part in any trade show smooth and stress free.

Contact Us To Get Started

Trade shows can be an extremely profitable marketing channel for your business, but it’s vital to design and develop your booth with a clear strategy in mind for earning attention and generating leads.

We specialize in helping businesses exhibit at trade shows and events in Los Angeles and other cities in California. Whether you’re exhibiting for the first time or want to return to a trade show with a more effective exhibit, we’re here to provide the expert advice and assistance you need.

We work with businesses and organizations of all sizes in any industry. Contact us now to speak to our team about our trade show exhibit design, development, rental and planning services and learn more about how we can help your business succeed at your next trade show.

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