Great California Attractions: Top Things To Do In Anaheim

If you ever get to travel in California and you are thinking of places where you can relax, enjoy the views, pigging out while having fun across the wonderful sights aside from Disneyland, then Anaheim is just the right place to check out.

There’s actually a ton of Anaheim attractions and brilliant ideas to do down after you’ve visited the Mickey Mouse and the gang. If you find yourself with an extra day (or two) (or three), here’s how to make the most of your time with the top things to do in Anaheim, CA:

Some of the best beers in the US are made in Anaheim with the local-favorite Noble Ale Works winning about all the awards a brewery can win. While you are chugging up some drinks, go to an Angels game right at East Gene Autry Way. There you will find one of the nicer parks in baseball and catch a game of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. You might just catch yourself a fly ball from the bleachers.

Another Anaheim attraction is famous Flightdeck at S Sinclair Street. Having the feeling of being in flight with an F-16 Falcon fighter jet, it sure is an awesome fully realistic flight simulator with full-on realistic cockpit all to yourself for forty minutes, just like in the movie, Top Gun.

One of the top things to do in Anaheim, CA is visiting the ever charming Adventure City right at the heart of South Beach Blvd. Adventure City’s rock climbing, arcade, a petting zoo and lots of rides including the good ol’ roller coaster, brings you an old-school kitsch factor – all for a wallet-friendly under-$20 admission fee. 

If you’ve never done an escape room, think of it as a real-life Zelda temple, where teams find clues and decode ciphers in order to escape from a room within a certain time limit. Fun House and The Hex Room is at the Cross Roads Escape Games, just on E Las Palma Ave; saying too much would give it away, but if you’re into problem-solving and puzzles, they’re definitely worth a visit.

Although craft beer and music enthusiasts once overflowed at The House of Blues in Anaheim during the annual Local Brews Local Grooves festival before it closed in 2016, it is still a good place to reminisce the music and take a good walk in downtown Disney and take photos of the buildings around.

For car enthusiasts, the Honda Center (formerly known as the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim) is an indoor arena which is home to the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League. Originally named the Anaheim Arena during construction, it was completed in 1993 at a cost of US$123 million. In December 2000, music legend Tina Turner played her last concert at the arena for the record breaking Twenty Four Seven Tour, but after popular demand, Turner returned to the arena before a sellout crowd. Fans are going to enjoy the full stadium feel during gigs.

There you have it! Feel free to check out our website and get lots more information on top things to do in Anaheim, CA and getting to know more about Anaheim attractions. See you there!