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It’s Game time, is your Trade Show Team Ready?


A successful trade show season is having a complete game plan.  You’ve prepared, your show schedule, annual budget, marketing, a show stopping exhibit, social media campaign, giveaways, lead retrieval and many more details, it shouldn’t end there. What about your booth staff? Are they show ready?

The day and life of an employee who travels the trade show circuit can be quite daunting. Exposure to viruses on the airplane, sleeping in hotel rooms, loss of sleep from late nights and early mornings, poor food choices and long days on the show floor can take a toll on even the healthiest of people.

Employees that are fit and healthy can be a positive asset to any company, especially the trade show team. Encouraging employees to embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle pays off in many ways.

Fit employees are less likely to get sick. With traveling being a large part of a trade show program, it is important for employees to have a strong immune system.

– Fit employees tend to make healthier food choices.  With many restaurants offering healthier food choices it can be a bit easier to eat better on the road

Fit employees have more energy.  Regular exercise increases and sustains energy throughout the day. This allows employees to stay focused and be on the top of their game during long days at show site.

Fit employees have more self-confidence. Greeting show attendees is an important role at every show. It is important for the booth staff to exude confidence and portray a good company image.

Fit employees tend to take on more leadership roles. Things happen on the show floor so it is important to have a well-rounded staff who can take on anything that comes their way.

Fit employees tend to have better attitudes.  It is always a pleasure to be on the road and work with coworkers with upbeat positive attitudes.

Fit employees are less stressed. Regular exercise releases endorphins, reducing emotional and physical tensions which in turn allows staff to respond better to stressful situations.

A fit employee base presents excellent team building opportunities. Doing team activities throughout the year like softball, basketball or other team sports are great way for employees to learn to work together and create better relationships. Similarly, when working an exhibit it is important for the team to work cohesively creating a good flow to the exhibit space.

What is the status of your team? Are they fit and healthy?

It is a known fact that companies which implement a wellness program have a lower rate of sick days and a higher production rate. Does your company have a wellness program? Do you support it as a manager and set an example for your employees or coworkers?  If your company has a wellness program take advantage of it. If your company does not offer a wellness program you as the manager/team leader can implement your own department program.

Having a fit and healthy “Team” can only increase your success throughout your trade show season.

Reference Material-10 Reason to Encourage Fitness in the Workplace 
By Bod Doyle