Exhibit Tips

First meeting with Exhibit House? How to prepare.

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You have been given the green light to find the right Exhibit house to build your next trade show exhibit. Being well prepared for the first meeting will help with a successful solution.

Whether this is your first time or 10th time purchasing a new exhibit solution, there are things you can do to prepare for a successful first meeting.  Below are some helpful tips of how to be best prepared:

First make sure to have an internal meeting with your team. Get a complete consensus on specific questions.

1. What are your goals for exhibiting?

  • a. New product launch
  • b. Reinforce Brand
  • c. Change Perception
  • d. Leads

2. What are your overall marketing objectives?

  • a. You should be able to tell the exhibit house what your objectives are for exhibiting at a particular show.

3. Revisit your positioning statement.

  • a. Often times we have clients come in who don’t have one. What is your company’s marketing message?

4. Who is your target audience?

5. What is your company’s competitive advantage? What differentiates you from your competitors? Why should someone by from you rather than competitor?

6. How are you perceived in your industry?

  • a. Creative
  • b. Technical
  • c. Industry leader
  • d. Fun

Once you have established these answers from your team meeting. Here are others things you should bring with you for your first meeting.

1. Your company’s philosophy.

2. History of your company. Give the exhibit house a bit of background on your company and its culture.

3. Story of your brand.

4. Past experience with exhibiting. What has worked for your company in the past and what hasn’t?

5. Images of your logo and color pallet.

6. Images of your current exhibit if you have one.

7. Samples of exhibits you have seen that you liked.

8. Is there a story or experience you want to provide on the show floor.

9. Images of product you intend to display at show.

10. Process of your sales cycle. How should the exhibit flow at show site?

11. Know your Budget.  A very important piece of information to bring with you to the meeting is what your budgetary constraints are. Many time companies feel that if they give a budget the exhibit house will inflate the pricing. Companies seem to think if they do not provide this they will get the best deal possible.  The purpose of providing a budget is for the designer to know how much he has to design with and what it needs to include. It is the job of the exhibit house to provide the best possible solution for that company from aesthetics, function, configuration versatility, proper level on Install and Dismantle, efficiency of packing and many more factors. Providing the budget allows the designer to be the most creative he can be within the parameters of what you are comfortable spending. If he designed out of the budget, the client would only be disappointed by what they could not have. Let the design be as creative as it can be within what you are willing to spend. Any exhibit house who truly understands the process of providing clients with the best exhibit solution will only inter into the design stage with a solid budget.

When we consult with a new client, we here at Solutions Rendered feel it is important for the designer to have a good picture of the company, its brand and culture in order to capture the essence of the overall image to be delivered on the show floor. If you have exhibited before, note what has been successful and what has not so that too can be addressed going into the new design. These are just the first steps in a collaborative relationship moving forward.