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Custom Exhibit Rentals


The Numerous Benefits of Renting Trade Show Display

Participation in trade shows and exhibitions is one of the best opportunities for increasing the popularity of your brand. Unfortunately, many businesses find the trade show equipment and displays required for an effective presentation too expensive and they refrain from giving trade shows a try.

Renting a trade show booth is a viable option, especially if you want to grow the popularity of your business without breaking the bank. Many companies offer rental trade show exhibits and opting for such tradeshow booth supplies will give you a chance to enjoy an immense array of benefits.

Investing VS Renting Trade Show Displays: Which is The Right Option for Your Business?

Trade show booth rental is a suitable option for just about every business, regardless of industry or company size.

Participation in trade shows increases a company’s sales potential, especially if the event is specialized and well-established. Many small and mid-sized businesses avoid participation in trade shows because of fears about the linked expenses.

The rental of trade show booths and displays makes it easier to put up an impressive presentation without having to pay for custom-made exhibit items. Benefiting from such services in Orange County makes it possible for just about everyone to test the potential of professional events and keep the cost of participation limited.

In essence, attending a trade show or an exhibition is the best way to see if this networking option can give your business the desired benefits. You can carry out surveys, talk to potential prospects and even figure out what the competition is up to by participating.

Usually, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for participation in a professional event. Custom exhibit rentals, especially if you opt for local services, simplify the task significantly.

Local providers help businesses save time and money when it comes to getting ready for an event. Communication is also effortless, which means that you’ll get precisely what your business needs to carry out an effective branding campaign during the event.

In essence, trade fair booth leasing in Orange County isn’t off limit for anyone. On top of that, opting for such a service results in a wide array of additional benefits.

The Main Benefits of Rental Trade Show Exhibits

Rental exhibits bring tangible benefits to the table. If you’re still wondering about the opportunity, you may want to take a look at the list of advantages below.


The first and the most obvious benefit of renting trade show exhibits is affordability. Many companies in Orange County offer fully-customized designs and a wide array of options for their clients to choose among. Exhibit design firms like Solutions Rendered, for example, have numerous types of rental exhibits that can be modified creatively to address all of a client’s specific needs.

Opting for such a service will also eliminate the storage and maintenance costs. In the long run, such expenses can add up to a lot more than the actual cost of having the trade show booth manufactured.

This type of service makes the most sense for companies that don’t participate in trade shows too often and the ones that are just testing the opportunity. In such instances, investing in trade show displays isn’t going to make a lot of sense. Rentals result in an appropriate company representation that costs a fraction of the price of having exhibits custom made.

Fast Turnaround

The services of a local company guarantee a fast turnaround time and tons of convenience.

Very often, companies are pressed by strict deadlines and having to complete numerous processes prior to the trade show participation. Taking care of the booth and other display materials can be lengthy and cumbersome.

The turnaround time in the case of trade show booth rentals is significantly decreased. Companies offering such services specialize in the field and they need a small amount of time to understand client specifications, build upon the existing displays and do the types of customization for the trade show banner design inspiration that the client is interested in.


When opting for convention booth rental in Orange County, you’ll get precisely what you need. The services allow for a lot of flexibility, giving you a chance to do element adjustments in an attempt to present your brand in the best possible light.

You can rent a single exhibition booth, you can also get displays and accessories. A leasing company will make it possible for you to attend multiple events at the same time and go really big with your presence.

Renting trade show equipment gives you a chance to experiment with branding concepts and test the response of the audience every single time. You’re not limited to the same booth that you purchased several years ago. Each time you participate in a trade show, you can present something fresh and targeted. Needless to say, your presence will be much more memorable through the selection of the right displays.

These are just some of the main benefits that trade show rental exhibits bring to the table. On top of all that, you’ll get to enjoy turnkey operations, consultation on trade show booth display ideas, ease of installation and graphics updates every single time you decide to rent. Obviously, the experience and the reputation of the rental company that you pick will both be determined for your satisfaction with the outcome. This is the main reason why you should dedicate some time to doing research and making sure you’ve chosen the best professionals in the field.

Solutions Rendered will be pleased and honored to help you put together the perfect trade show presentation. We offer trade show rental exhibits, custom exhibits, and portable displays. Don’t hesitate to explore our exhibit portfolio or contact us to have all of your questions about trade show booth rentals answered.