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Trade shows have long been used as a popular way to market your business, products, and services. Today, with unique trade show booth design and advances in technology, companies can take their trade show presence to the next level. Whether large or small, your company can reap the benefits of setting up tailor-made exhibits in Orange County, maximizing the benefits local shows have to offer. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of having a presence at local trade shows, some helpful custom trade show booth design ideas, and a look at how customized booths can help you win more customers.

Benefits of Setting Up tailored Exhibit Displays in Orange County

Exhibiting at trade shows does come with a cost, but if you’re willing to make the investment, you can enjoy some excellent results. You’ll pay for a tradeshow booth supplies, customized trade show exhibits, staff training, and travel to the event. However, setting up exhibits in Orange County offers your company many benefits, including:

  • Benefit #1 – Create a Lasting Impression with Potential Customers – With the right presentation, it’s possible to use trade shows to create a lasting impression with potential customers. When you have a booth that grabs attention, fun promo items, and a good sales staff that offers a great booth experience, you’ll leave an impression with potential customers that can last for months.
  • Benefit #2 – Generate Targeted, Lucrative Business Leads – Setting up exhibits at Orange County trade shows also helps you generate targeted, lucrative business leads. People who show up at trade shows are interested in items you offer and very motivated. You’ll end up with some great leads that can pay off over time.
  • Benefit #3 – Enjoy Direct Sales Opportunities – Since trade show attendees are so motivated, you also can enjoy direct sales opportunities at a trade show. Many people are already to buy, so make sure that you come ready to sell.
  • Benefit #4 – Develop and Strengthen the Company Brand – When you have a great booth and great people working that booth, setting up your own custom exhibit gives you the ability to develop and strengthen the company brand. Branding is an important part of business success, and the right design, positioning yourself near other recognized companies, and making it possible for attendees to connect with you in other ways can all help build your brand.

From convention Booth Design Ideas to Reality

Of course, to enjoy the benefits trade shows have to offer, you’re going to need a great booth to draw in attendees and show off your brand. Tailor-made booths offer you the ability to customize a booth to fit the needs of your brand, and as you’re planning your booth, here are a few custom trade show booth design ideas to keep in mind.
  • Idea #1 – Make Your Booth Tell a Story – The most important idea to remember as you design a custom-built booth is to make sure your booth tells a story. You want to take people on a journey when they visit your booth, showing off your expertise and knowledge while expressing ideas and drawing on their emotions. Think of your booth as a way to tell the story of your brand, and you’ll be able to come up with elements and ideas that make your booth work hard for you at trade shows.
  • Idea #2 – Ensure Your Booth is Unique – Many other companies will be represented at Orange County trade shows, so you must make sure your booth is unique so your company stands out. Going to trade shows is a marketing investment, so make the most of your investment with a tailor-made trade show booth design that stands out from the rest. Choosing a booth that is versatile and easy to configure in several different sizes will also make it easy for you to decrease or increase the size of your display as needed, depending on the space available.
  • Idea #3 – Make the Most of Technology in Your Booth – Another idea for your custom exhibition booth design is to add some technology. You can use many modern technologies within the trade show booth environment to grab the attention of attendees. Interactive touch screens and digital signage can be used to show off testimonials, show processes, educate, and more. Interactive experiences that keep people engaged can keep people at your booth longer, increasing the chance that you gain a lead or make a sale.
  • Idea #4 – Match Booth Colors to Company Colors – Since a trade show presence can help you build your brand, look for trade show banner design inspiration that will match the booth colors to your company colors. You want your logo, company colors, and your booth to flow together seamlessly, so keep logos and colors in mind as you come up with your custom booth design. You may even want to incorporate the actual logo of your company into the design.
  • Idea #5 – Incorporate a Space for Meetings – Make sure your booth design incorporates a space for meetings that offers at least a little bit of privacy. If you find a great lead and you want to meet and close a deal, a nice meeting space that is set apart just a bit will come in handy and help you close the deal you want. Ensure the meeting space is familiar and comfortable to put individuals at ease.

Tailored Modular Trade fair Booth Design – A Great Way to Win Customers

Heading to a trade show and setting up trade show exhibits in Orange County can be very rewarding, and trade shows can offer an excellent return on investment. Customizing trade show rental booths can ease the burden of building a new exhibit from scratch. Of course, having a high-impact convention booth is one of the most important elements. With the right custom exhibit booth design, you can reach your goals and win new customers. While you’ll need more than a great exhibit to reap the benefits of trade fairs, a high quality, customized, trade show equipment is one of the most important elements you can have to ensure you generate lucrative leads and seal deals while attending local trade fairs and conventions.

To create your your own brand of exhibits, find a trade show booth design company to get your ideas started.