Custom Trade Show Exhibit Designs

As you prepare your custom trade show exhibits for the big day, there are some things you need to keep in mind in order to be successful. These items are essential whether you build or commission your own rental trade show displays. They will draw people to your exhibit, and can help to ensure that you get the traffic you need. After all, the main goal of trade show exhibits is to spark as much interest about your products and services so that you can get the word out there about your business. That way, you generate an income that goes beyond the trade show.

Perhaps the most important, is to have a vision in place. Technically, you could wing it and pray for the best. The problem is that without a clear plan, you are at the mercy of the individuals handling your rental trade show displays. A better choice is to work out a solid plan that will handle the general concept you have for your custom trade show exhibits, so that you can make an impact with them.

While bigger is better in most cases, you don’t want to tower over everyone else. While many trade shows restrict booths above a certain height, others won’t place the same restrictions. In order to keep positive attention on your booth, make sure you aren’t overdoing it. If you have a booth that is bigger than the others, it stands out and will draw negative and nervous attention from those around you.

Just as it is important to understand what type of image you should be giving off for a product, you must also appeal to your target audience. Do you need bright colors and flashing lights to dazzle them or is a simplistic and professional approach better? Different people seek out different types of booths in order to learn about what is out there. If you aren’t sure what the best approach is, speak to someone who designs and builds these exhibits and ask them what they have seen working for others. You can build off of these ideas and come up with a unique design that will allow you to stand out in a crowd.

As you setup your custom trade show exhibits, make sure you have a layout that inspires communication. The goal is to have people come up, speak to you, learn about what you offer, then to finalize a purchase with you. To get the process started, don’t leave pamphlets and business cards on the edge where they can be easily grabbed. Have them in the center of the booth near you. This allows you to begin a conversation and begin working a conversion. You can also have an appointment book in place, so you can follow up an appointment with these individuals.

Different colors also have an impact on loosening up a person’s wallet. You may want to incorporate these colors into the design of your booth. For example, people are more receptive to blues when they are considering making a purchase. Additional colors like burgundy and even green are exceptional choices. While colors like yellow and white are perhaps best left to those interested in selling food.

Think about how you can showcase essential features and items within the confines of the display. Let people “see” what you are offering them. If it is a physical good, make sure you have one that they can test and experience. If it is a series of services or digital goods, have visual presentations that support the facts. You need to give people items they can visualize, hear, and touch to appeal to their main senses. This will allow you to imprint information on them, so they dwell on it, and ultimately come back to make a purchase later.

What To Consider When Designing Your Trade Show Exhibits?

Now that you have some ideas, you need to consider a vendor to handle the construction of these items for you. This professional will need to have a few qualifications in place to assist you. The following are just some of the things to consider when designing your custom trade show exhibits?

• They should have a defined website that provides you with insight into what they can do for you.
• These professionals should listen to what your needs are, then build off of them.
• They must provide you with a detailed quote that provides you with insight on what they are providing you.
• The booth should be setup and installed by these professionals.
• They must guarantee their work.

Before you work with any company, check out their reviews, and compare a few other possibilities. The last thing you want to do is to end up with a company that will not meet the needs you have.

Remember, you’ll also need to stand out. If you look like all the other booths there, people will scan past you. For custom trade show exhibits, it is important to work with someone who knows what they are doing. For this, you’ll definitely want to consider the best. That provider is Solutions Rendered. This team of professionals understands how to create the most appealing layout and design, that conforms to the regulations in place for local rental trade show displays. They will adhere to all the specifications you have for your space, and ensure that you are ready to go on the big day of the trade show.

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