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Exhibitors’ Guide to Social Media

Exhibitors Guide to Social Media

Maximize your social impact at trade shows

Nimlok is proud to introduce The Exhibitors’ Guide to Social Media, a comprehensive guide aimed at exhibitors looking to maximize their social impact at trade shows and face-to-face marketing events. Social media plays a powerful role in shaping consumer behavior and perceptions, and a comprehensive marketing mix should utilize social mediums to build awareness and trust. This guide walks through best practices for social media marketing in the trade show and face-to-face events world, providing the reader with insights and recommendations for building a strong social platform and making a strong social impact on the show floor.

what’s inside:

  • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn tips for trade show exhibitors
  • Pre-, in- and post-event social media strategies
  • Social media best practices
  • Advice on calculating social media ROI

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