Exhibit Tips

First meeting with Exhibit House? How to prepare.

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You have been given the green light to find the right Exhibit house to build your next trade show exhibit. Being well prepared for the first meeting

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Tips on Filling out a Show Book for your next Trade Show

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Sitting down to complete the show book for your next trade show can be a daunting task.

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Best Trade Show Booth Staff: Marketing or Sales Personnel?

download (1)When planning a trade show, there are many important factors for the company’s Marketing Manager to consider. In addition to trade show booth design and product/service showcasing decisions, one of the most weighty trade show planning steps is the selection of booth representatives. If you are trying to decide whether to pull more of your trade show booth staff from your marketing team or your sales department, consider these important qualities: 

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Is Content A part of Your Marketing Plan?

Content Marketing

There are many benefits to including content into your trade show marketing plan. Justine Savage at Nimlok has written a great article with suggestions and examples posted on Trade Show Network News, TSNN.  She gives some good insight on the importance of Content not only in your business model, but within your trade show program.

Virtual Tour of Solutions Rendered

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We recently had a great virtual tour of our office created by Bruce Watson at Pro Search Plus.  We’ve been really pleased with the results!

You can check it out above.  If you haven’t used this Google Maps technology, it’s really easy.  If you hold down the mouse button  and drag, the view rotates; if you click it moves the viewpoint.  With a few clicks you can go up the stairs or out to the warehouse!