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Exhibitors’ Guide to Social Media

Exhibitors Guide to Social Media

Maximize your social impact at trade shows

Nimlok is proud to introduce The Exhibitors’ Guide to Social Media, a comprehensive guide aimed at exhibitors looking to maximize their social impact at trade shows and face-to-face marketing events. Social media plays a powerful role in shaping consumer behavior and perceptions, and a comprehensive marketing mix should utilize social mediums to build awareness and trust. This guide walks through best practices for social media marketing in the trade show and face-to-face events world, providing the reader with insights and recommendations for building a strong social platform and making a strong social impact on the show floor.

what’s inside:

  • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn tips for trade show exhibitors
  • Pre-, in- and post-event social media strategies
  • Social media best practices
  • Advice on calculating social media ROI

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Make the most of your trade show dollars



Trade show and face-to-face marketing, while one of the most effective ways to market, can be an expensive endeavor for large and small exhibitors alike. Given the range of complex costs, fees and add-ons often associated with trade shows, exhibitors with a plan and sound budget can lower expenses and increase return.

Nimlok’s trade show budget worksheet outlines typical expenses associated with trade show participation, providing transparency in expected costs. The worksheet also compares actual spend with actual return by tracking sales, leads and brand exposure value gained at the event. Budget smart and exhibit with confidence for your next trade show with this free tool!

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Choosing the Right Apparel for your Trade Show Booth Staff

To make a great first impression with guests to your company’s trade show booth, it’s important that your employees look professional. You can choose among several different options when it comes to their clothing, including a team uniform or a basic dress code. If you won’t be providing them with a matching shirt or blouse to wear, then suggest that each team member wears a specific color or shades featured in a color palette. The best source of inspiration for this palette are your  company’s colors. If your employees will be wearing a shirt, button, or any other merchandise that has your company’s name on it, then be sure to remind them that they are a walking ambassador for the brand and thus need to be on their best behavior.

To learn more about dressing for a trade show, check out this helpful video.

When it comes to preparing your booth for a trade show, leave the design work to the skilled professionals at Solutions Rendered.


Smart Marketers Guide from Nimlok

smart-marketing (1)

Download the Smart Marketers Guide from Nimlok. This guide takes a comprehensive look at all areas of an event marketing campaign. It includes assessing client needs, setting goals, determining strategies and tactics, example of event marketing objectives and more.