Seville Construction

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I’d have to say that you and your team at Solutions Rendered are one-of-a-kind. From our initial conversation down to the very last detail and final delivery of our booth, we have had such a worry-free, smooth, and easy process. These types of decisions take a lot of time and investment, so we are glad that you, Michael Billington, and Denise Dres were transparent from the beginning. It confirmed that we made the right decision with Solutions Rendered from the start!

The booth turned out better than we expected, and even easier to put together than anticipated. It is absolutely wonderful how versatile our booth is; especially with how fast this industry changes! We had people sneaking “shots” of our booth; others admiring it from afar; even a number of compliments from other exhibitors! Just today, I received an email from an old colleague saying how beautiful our booth was. Apparently, her PR/Marketing Manager was one of the ones who snuck in a photo! It definitely made me smile knowing that all the hard work both our companies put forth, was well worth it!  You and Denise really worked side by side with us, familiarizing us with all of the components that make things happen, and being very proactive in finding solutions to every curve ball we threw your way. Your combined knowledge, experience, and vision is what made this such a successful partnership. Also, please thank both Mike Leos and Mike Wimbrow for their hard work and efforts as well. We all know that none of us would be as successful without the backbone of our team; so please let them know how much we all appreciate the hard work spent in executing such a beautiful piece of art!  With that said, thank you again and there is no doubt that we will recommend your company, people, and culture to all those who inquire about the perfection that is… our new booth!”


Vayakone Sphabmixay
Marketing Manager
Seville Construction