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Best Trade Show Booth Staff: Marketing or Sales Personnel?

download (1)When planning a trade show, there are many important factors for the company’s Marketing Manager to consider. In addition to trade show booth design and product/service showcasing decisions, one of the most weighty trade show planning steps is the selection of booth representatives. If you are trying to decide whether to pull more of your trade show booth staff from your marketing team or your sales department, consider these important qualities: 

Engagement Sales associates are often great at attracting potential customers and answering questions related to products or services. However, many of them may steer conversation in a more technical direction. The training and experience that most marketing professionals have allow them to seamlessly engage interested parties in conversation that makes them want to hang around. Marketing professionals can also make it easier for people to remember your company’s name, logo, and products long after they walk away from your booth.

Knowledge The last thing you want is for a potential client to ask questions that the staff manning your booth cannot answer. In general, sales people are more equipped to answer a broad range of questions pertaining to a company’s products and services. With the right mix of sales and marketing associates, however, you can make sure that questions regarding any aspect of your goods or services can be answered.

Balance The best plan is to have balance of sales and marketing personnel within your exhibit. While there can be many steps in customer acquisition, both parties contribute to the overall goal of obtaining new business.  Typically the marketing professional is best on the out skirts of the exhibit, getting attendees attention and prompting an interest to enter into your space and hear more. Once inside your exhibit space, the potential client can be introduced to sales personnel to get deeper into product details.  With the right team this can be a win win situation.