Mike Leos

Where do you call home?


Kids or pets?

I have three kids – My son Daniel is 20 years old, my daughter Maya is 11 years old going on twenty and Makyla is 3 with the vocabulary of a twelve year old, she knows everything. As for pets we have a Rottweiler named China.

Things you like to do?

When I’m not completing my honey-do-list, I enjoy going for a drive in my 53 Chevy Belair that I restored and enter into car shows.

Favorite type of music?

Blues, Hip Hop, Rap, Alternative, Oldies, Metal, well just about anything except country.

Favorite foods?

Sushi, Mexican food, BBQ Ribs, Chinese food, Lasagna, Buffalo wings from Hooters.

Favorite movies?

Heat, Silence of the Lambs, Mystic River, Casino, American History X.

What should we know about you?

Before the tradeshow industry I was a CNC Programmer in the Machining industry for eight years. At that time I had no idea that there was a tradeshow industry and what it entailed. Now that I have been in this industry for many years now I see the creativity and the dedication that is involved in designing and building a tradeshow exhibit. The team or should I say family that I work with at Solutions Rendered is a blessing. And, I must say that working here with this team is a pure pleasure.